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Native Token

Abandons Labs is in the process of developing its native token that will form the backbone of our tokenomics structure. This token will be deeply integrated into the Abandons Labs ecosystem and will serve as the primary medium of exchange within our platform.

Use Cases: The native token will have a wide range of use cases within the Abandons Labs ecosystem:

  1. Gameplay: The token will be used for in-game transactions, such as purchasing in-game items, access to premium content, and participating in the player-vs-player (PVP) pay-to-earn (P2E) system.

  2. NFT Mints: The token will be able to be used for exclusive NFT mints using the platform.

  3. Community Rewards: Our community members can earn the token through various activities and events. This could include rewards for active participation, contributions to the platform, or through promotional events.

  4. Governance: In the future, the token may also play a role in platform governance, giving holders the power to influence the direction of the platform through a voting mechanism.

Distribution: The distribution of the native token will be carefully managed to ensure a fair and equitable distribution. More details regarding the token distribution will be shared in the future.

Token Value: The value of the token will be tied directly to the activity within the Abandons Labs ecosystem. As the platform grows and evolves, we anticipate that the demand for the token will increase, which could potentially lead to an increase in its value.

Please note that the creation and distribution of a native token will be subject to relevant legal and regulatory considerations, and we will be working closely with legal advisors to ensure compliance. Expanded details on a native token will come once development planning has been thoroughly reviewed.

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