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Welcome to the future of gaming

Here at Abandons Labs our goal is to provide the most efficient and seamless Web3 Gaming platforms

Our Story

Mission Statement for Abandons Labs


At Abandons Labs, our mission is to empower a resilient and vibrant community of digital art enthusiasts, gamers, and collectors by delivering a unique, immersive, and secure platform that intertwines the captivating world of the collectibles and beyond with art and gaming technologies.


We are dedicated to creating an engaging ecosystem where artists, gamers, and collectors can explore, collaborate, and thrive. Through the power of our Abandons NFT collections, we strive to offer not only distinctive and valuable digital art pieces but also an unparalleled gaming experience that seamlessly integrates blockchain innovations.


Our commitment to transparency, innovation, and community involvement is the cornerstone of our efforts. As we embark on this journey together, we pledge to support our valued holders by providing exceptional content, rewarding experiences, and ongoing opportunities for growth and interaction.


Together, we will forge a new frontier in the NFT collecting and gaming space, where creativity, passion, and technology converge to redefine the digital landscape and shape the future of our Abandons community.

Abandons NFT Project - Preliminary Mind Map (Subject to Change and Expansion)


Summary: This mind map serves as an initial high-level overview of the Abandons NFT project, outlining its core components and growth potential. Please note that the project is still in its early stages, and the elements presented in the mind map may change or expand as the development progresses. The project team is committed to continuous improvement and innovation, aiming to create a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for all stakeholders involved.


1.1. Vision & Mission

1.2. Core Values


Web3 Gaming Platform

2.1. Game Distribution

2.2. Multiplayer Support

2.3. Social Features

2.4. User-Generated Content

2.5. NFT Integration

2.6. Player-Versus-Player (PvP) Play-to-Earn (P2E) System

NFT Ecosystem

3.1. Artwork & Utility

3.2. Gaming Rewards & Incentives

3.3. Exclusive Collaborations

3.4. Future NFT Drops & Opportunities

3.5. Community Involvement



4.1. Native Token

4.2. Rewards & Incentives

4.3. Governance & Staking

4.4. Sustainable Ecosystem


Security & Scalability

5.1. Platform Security

5.2. User Privacy & Safety

5.3. Scaling Solutions


Community Building

6.1. Social Media Presence

6.2. Discord Server

6.3. Community Events & Contests

6.4. User Support


Marketing & Promotion

7.1. Relevant Partnerships

7.2. Content Creation (Blog, YouTube, Twitch)

7.3. Advertising Campaigns

7.4. Launch Events & Giveaways


Development Milestones

8.1. Pre-launch Preparation and initial NFT releases

8.2. Platform Launch

8.3. Post-launch Support & Updates

8.4. Future NFT Drops & Opportunities

My community was built on a foundation of organic growth through watching people play video games.

-Dr. Disrespect

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